Social Dance Culture

Fusion dancing not only brings different dance styles together, but also different dance cultures. As in any multicultural environment, it’s best to bring an open mind and ask open questions if you feel uncertain.

In Fusion, dance roles (lead/follow) are not bound to gender. The dance floor is open to leads and follows of any gender and in any combination of genders. One can also switch roles between dances or even within a dance. If you are not sure about someone’s preferences just ask if they prefer to lead, follow, or switch.

Without fixed dance roles and gender roles, the Fusion dance floor is also a place where anyone can invite anyone for a dance. This comes with the inclusion of a kind ‘No, thank you’ as an appropriate answer as well.

Different dance cultures tend to have different expectations as to the number of songs to be danced with a partner. In some cultures it can be taken as an offence if you dance less than three songs with the same partner, in other cultures it might mean that you’re hitting on someone when dancing more than two songs. Therefore in Fusion dancing we take one song at a time as a starting point. At the end of a song or at any later time, there is always the option for ‘Would you like another dance?’. But again a kind ‘No, thank you’ is always an apprioriate answer that shouldn’t be taken personal.